Tuesday, October 19

They manage to compile the stolen Windows XP source code that was leaked in 4Chan


It was not a hoax. The Windows XP source code that was leaked on 4Chan is real. A developer compiled it and obtained an executable, albeit incomplete, version of Windows XP. A few days ago, someone posted a 43 GB torrent file on the 4Chan forum, known from previous scandals such as the publication of intimate photos of famous people, the Fappening. This file allegedly contained the source code for Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and other older Microsoft systems. Now this code has been confirmed to be real. Source code is the list of instructions with which a program or application is created. This code contains all the secrets of the software, since a programmer can see how it has been created, how it works, and more importantly: he can modify and alter it at will. For this source code to become an application, an operation called compilation must be carried out, which consists of transforming these commands that humans understand into machine code that the computer understands. Basically ones and zeros. This is exactly what a Windows developer named NTDEV has done. You have compiled the source code for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 that appeared in 4Chan, and you have verified that it is real. He uploaded some videos to his YouTube channel to prove it, but they have been deleted. Windows XP is missing some essential files such as Winlogon.exe, necessary to install it, but can be added later. System components such as the kernel, Windows explorer and the main applications are the same as the commercial version. Windows Server 2003 is complete, and it works without problems. Surface Laptop Go is Microsoft’s lightest laptop, ideal for teleworking and studying. With camera enhancements for video calls, full keyboard, instant power on, fast charging and all-day battery life. Now that the stolen Windows XP source code has been confirmed to be real, it is sure to start spreading like wildfire across the Dark Web. The main problem is that with the source code you can create custom versions of Windows XP that hide malware, spyware or ransomware, and install them on computers to control them. Microsoft has announced that it is investigating the leak of the source code of Windows XP and other systems of the company.

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