Thursday, October 29

They find the mathematical formula for time travel

A student at the University of Queensland, in Australia, has found the mathematical formula that supports time travel, as announced by the study center. It is about a young man who is studying advanced sciences, Germain Tobar. This explains that classical dynamics allows knowing the state of things at a precise moment, something that provides complete information on the history of that system. In turn, this enables many other applications such as space travel or fluid control. “For example, if I know the current position and speed of an object that is falling due to gravity, I can calculate where it will be at any moment,” says Tobar. That is precisely where the numbers add up, advancing in the theoretical part of time travel. Until now, no approach had been found to support this possibility. However, the Queensland student has achieved a first step: putting it on a scientific statement. Einstein’s general theory of relativity predicts the existence of loops or time travel, something that contradicts classical physics. If both could be tested at the same time, the “holy grail” would be found to go back or advance to the future. “I wondered if time travel was mathematically possible,” says the young man. And, indeed, in that plane it is possible. Read more: Scientists who analyze COVID-19 cases find the key to the passage from serious to fatal of the new coronavirus Fabio Costa, supervisor of the investigation, has highlighted that such calculations could have fascinating consequences for science and that the results of the analysis they are science fiction. However, even if time travel could materialize, the order of things would always be maintained, both consider. For example, if you were to go back to prevent coronavirus patient 0 from getting infected, the person who was to avoid that event would come into contact with the virus. In this way, events “adjust themselves”, settle. This article was published in Business Insider Spain by Carlota G. Velloso.

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