Saturday, September 25

They establish the lowest speed limit ever seen in a Spanish city


Is it still or is it moving? In Pontevedra a speed limit has been set that can provoke that question. In many cities there is a future where the use of the car is carried out only when it is strictly necessary. It has been a long time since debate began to reduce the maximum speed of 50 km / h and there are cities that have already done it, such as Bilbao, where it has been limited to 30 km / h. That speed may seem ridiculous to some drivers, but it is very fast compared to what has been approved in Pontevedra. We do not know the viability that it will have or to what extent all vehicles will be able to respect it, but in Pontevedra a maximum speed of 6 km / h will be imposed throughout the urban area. Something unusual in our country. From Diario de Pontevedra this measure is announced for within two weeks and will be applied to almost all vehicles: cars, motorcycles, bikes and scooters. Although it may be exceeded at specific times by people who use wheelchairs or special vehicles in case of mobility problems. The aim is to discourage the use of vehicles and make it more comfortable and faster to move around the city on foot. In addition, it will eliminate any danger when driving all the new urban mobility vehicles, such as electric scooters, together on the road together with the cars. This measure already published in the Official Gazette of the Province is not without controversy among neighbors who see it as excessive, especially when some areas already had a limit of 10 km / h. But it seems that the city council’s commitment to creating a different city that can be explored on foot is very clear. This Xiaomi smart bracelet is available in Asia and some Spanish stores, such as Amazon. It comes with better autonomy and more precision in the sensors. It is difficult to imagine similar changes in large cities, such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia or Seville, but we cannot rule out that there will be areas in the future where the speed limit will be reduced so drastically. In addition, in Pontevedra this measure is accompanied by others where bad parking or uncivil behavior will be penalized more rigorously. Finding a city made for pedestrians seems like the big goal.


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