Wednesday, October 21

They discover a mysterious detail on the PS5 case and everyone wonders what it could be for

A small nut on the PS5 case has been discovered thanks to the first tests with the console. The Japanese media suspects what this mysterious find could be for. We were finally able to see PS5 in “flesh and blood” thanks to the fact that Sony has allowed various media and Japanese youtubers to show their first contact with the console. The company’s new generation hardware is real and these first tests have provided information that is highly demanded by fans. With little more than a month for the PS5 to hit the market, the console has been seen in a first hands-on. In it you could know that the PS5 fan barely makes noise after 80 minutes of play, the console does not heat up and more data. Among others, it has been possible to find one that has gone unnoticed and for which there are still no clear answers. Media such as 4Gamer and The Verge were analyzing the console and detecting a small metal nut or bolt on its hardware. Although it has not been possible to unravel what this metal link located inside the casing at the top of the console is for, it is suspected that it could allow the PS5 shell to be removed to access the guts of it. The official technical characteristics of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles are already known. We compare them to find out which is more powerful. So you could see what the interior of the next-gen machine looks like and where the expansion SSD it presents is located. Unfortunately, that information has not yet been given, so it will be time to continue waiting, as well as more details related to the launch games or the backward compatibility of the console. Do not hesitate to consult all the functions of the PS5 Dualsense controller: sensors, battery, light … or the list of PS4 games that will be updated for free to PS5. It has been known that the second-hand market for PS4 is doubling before the launch of PS5 in November. Sources: 4Gamer and Eurogamer

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