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They arrest a Russian youtuber for letting his girlfriend die


russian youtuber girlfriend

Surely it will already sound familiar to you, it is likely that you have heard some of the shocking news that happened on Wednesday, December 2. A Russian youtuber, arrested for the murder of his girlfriend during stream.

Stanislav Reshétnikov, better known as ‘Reeflay Panini’, is a streamer who has gained part of his followers by doing challenges that they proposed to him. But we are not talking about the typical cinnamon challenge or the ‘chubby bunny’, but about unpleasant, degrading and somewhat extreme challenges.

On occasion, his girlfriend, Valentina Grigórieva, participated in such challenges, submitting to what the fans challenged her or Reeflay to do. Although this time, things got out of hand.

That fateful night, the Russian youtuber and his girlfriend were doing a stream in which they did the challenges that the viewers proposed to them in exchange for donations. In order to face the crazy challenges, the couple decided to drink beer and get drunk, which is perhaps why the night ended the way it did.

One of the requests they received from someone on the broadcast was that Reeflay spray Valentina’s face with pepper spray. Which he did. The girl writhed on the ground, screaming in pain and begging loudly for water, all during the broadcast.

A while later, another viewer offered him $ 1,000 if he could strip his girlfriend and lock her out on the balcony in the cold.

The Russian youtuber continued with the stream even though his girlfriend was unconscious on the ground

Given that they were in Moscow, in the middle of December, anyone would have refused to do such a thing. Truth? Well not Reeflay. The Russian youtuber undressed his girlfriend until she was in her underwear and locked her outside on the balcony, despite the girl’s protests.

Hours passed in which the youtuber continued with the stream, ignoring the screams and blows, increasingly desperate, from Valentina, who was begging him to let her in. It was only when the blows and screams stopped that the alarmed youtuber got up from his place and opened the balcony door, where he found the girl unconscious on the floor.

He quickly got her inside the house and called emergency services. While he waited for these to arrive, however, he continued streaming, without ever pausing.

Of course, the Russian youtuber was arrested and charged with murder. It was declared that his girlfriend had died of hypothermia, but in addition, the body had blows on both the abdomen and the head.


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