Saturday, September 25

These are the Amazon Prime Day 2020 offers that are already available


Despite the fact that this year there is no countdown to Prime Day like other years, Amazon has wanted to liven up the wait for its two great days with several especially interesting promotions. In this article, ComputerHoy could receive a commission for your purchases. More information There is little left for Prime Day 2020 to arrive, dated for October 13 and 14, unlike what has been usual, and that is that this year everything has gone out of the ordinary, even in online commerce . Normally this period of offers is celebrated in July, although this time it has been delayed to October. There are also no previous days with offers on products themselves, but some Prime Day 2020 offers that come into effect days before, especially affecting Amazon services. If you like to keep up to date with the latest offers and product recommendations, you can follow them in real time on the channel on Telegram, where we will keep you informed of the latest technology discounts. Some of them are only available to users who already have Amazon Prime, while others are accessible to new users who have not yet registered. Fortunately, you can always take the opportunity to sign up for Prime’s free trial month, 30 days with fast and free shipping to anywhere in Spain, and without a commitment to stay. Up to four months of Music Unlimited for only € 0.99 The first of the Amazon Prime Day promotions has to do with music, specifically with Music Unlimited, the streaming music service with which they want to stand up to Spotify. For now, it will, at least for those who want to sign up for a rather interesting offer: four months of Music Unlimited for € 0.99 for Prime users, only three months for those who are not. This music streaming service includes millions of songs that you can listen to on any device. You can try it for free for 30 days. It is practically free, or at least much cheaper than the € 9.99 per month that most services of this type have. There is no permanence, so before this “trial period” expires, you can unsubscribe without problems. € 10 gift when buying from SMEs that sell on Amazon 2020 is being a difficult year, especially for many small companies that have seen their turnover reduced due to the pandemic and confinement. As a way to help, Amazon has launched an initiative for Prime Day: for every € 10 you spend until the 13th in small businesses that sell on Amazon, you will receive another € 10 in gift vouchers to buy in those two days. Here you can see the conditions of the promotion, one of the few campaigns known as cashback that we have seen on Amazon. Our colleagues from Business Insider Spain explain here in detail how the campaign works. 90 days free Amazon Prime for students If you are a student, there is good news: Amazon has reactivated the promotion that gives away 90 days of Amazon Prime without permanence. You must prove that you are indeed a student, something you can do without too many problems with a simple registration. In exchange, you will be able to access all the offers during the 13th and 14th, as well as free shipping, the best Prime Video and Twitch Prime series. Amazon gives away 90 days of Amazon Prime to all students. During this time you will have fast and free shipping and access to all its benefits. It is a golden opportunity if you have never had Prime since in addition, once the trial ends you can renew with a 50% discount for the next four years. This offer is not only available for university students, but for all regulated training in Spain. € 5 free for listening to a song on Amazon Music Unlimited Linking with the first promotion we mentioned, now comes another: you can get € 5 free for listening to a song on Music Unlimited. You should listen to it in full before January 31, 2021, so you have plenty of time, although surely you are interested in having this € 5 gift voucher for Prime Day. You can invest this coupon in purchases of € 20 or more in products that are sold directly by Amazon, which are the vast majority of those that are on sale on Prime Day. In this article, ComputerHoy receives a commission from its affiliate partners for each purchase you make through the product links that we have included, something that in no case represents an additional cost for you. However, our recommendations are always independent and objective. You can check our affiliate policy here.


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