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these 200 GB for 15 euros are the best deal of the moment

RED is kicking off 2021 with a bang by offering its BIG RED package again until January 15. A colossal 200 GB mobile offer billed at 15 euros per month against 25 euros usually.

While sales periods are often a good time to take advantage of a mobile plan at a more attractive price, RED proves once again that you don’t have to wait that long to get a good deal. Indeed, the operator draws a non-binding mobile offer of 200 GB at the price of 15 euros per month, i.e. a reduction of 10 euros per month compared to the normal rate. Please note, this promotion, valid only for new subscriptions, is only valid until January 15th.

What does the BIG RED 200 GB mobile plan include?

What does the BIG RED package offer?

The main advantage of RED’s mobile plan is the colossal amount of 4G data it offers. Each month, you have access to 200 GB of data, or the equivalent of 310 hours of streaming content on Netflix or OCS. A package that is also the ideal solution for intensive connection sharing when working from home.

RED’s 200 GB plan also delivers:

  • unlimited calls, SMS and MMS from France, overseas departments and the European Union;
  • 15 GB of data to use in roaming in Europe.

How much does the BIG RED package cost?

Far from the plans billed at 50 euros per month, RED makes its 200 GB plan accessible to as many people as possible with a price set at 15 euros per month. Better, the cost of the RED subscription will not double after a year or two, and will last for the next few months for those who subscribed before January 15th.

The BIG RED 200 GB package is also non-binding. You can change operator or plan whenever you want, without having to pay anything. This offers great flexibility in the management of your subscription.

What are the options of the BIG RED package?

One of the strengths of RED’s 200 GB plan is the ability to customize it end-to-end. Many options can be added for a few extra dollars each month. These options are non-binding, which means you can deactivate them at any time, at no extra cost. We thus find:

  • 1 TB of storage in the SFR Cloud for 5 euros per month;
  • the Deezer subscription for 1 euro per month (for 4 months then 9.99 € / month);
  • the SFR TV service for 2 euros per month.

We invite you to play with the various options to give you an opinion on the RED offer and create a mobile plan that suits you perfectly.

Why choose the BIG RED package?

To provide such a colossal 4G envelope, RED relies on one of the best 4G networks on the market, that of SFR. This covers 99% of the French population and delivers a maximum speed of 500 Mbit / s. More than enough speed to enjoy online gaming or streaming content without the slightest slowdown.

Its price is also an undeniable advantage. Indeed, a package with such a data envelope is often offered between 35 and 50 euros. With a bonus of one or two years. Here the RED package displays a price below 20 euros, all without any commitment.

Finally, RED supports you in all the steps during the subscription. All the more so in the current health context. While the confinement periods are linked, it is always possible to change mobile plan in order to subscribe to the BIG RED plan. The operator maintains his home deliveries, while respecting barrier gestures. The new SIM card is thus delivered to the letterbox, without any contact.

As with its other packages, RED offers you the option of keeping your old number. All you need to do is provide your RIO code, obtained by dialing 31 79 from your current line, at the time of subscription. RED is also responsible for terminating your old offer and activating your new line. An operation carried out without any interruption of your mobile services.

Also note that a first and unique payment of 10 euros will be requested to cover the cost of the new SIM card. The delivery thereof does not exceed one week.

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