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The Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker is already on sale at -16%


Xiaomi has just launched its new Mi Smart Speaker in France, a speaker connected with Google Assistant. It is already possible to get it at a lower cost at Boulanger, where its price drops from 59 to only 49 euros.

At the start of 2021, Xiaomi to lift the veil on its first connected speaker to arrive in France: the Mi Smart Speaker with integrated Google Assistant. As usual, the Chinese manufacturer is launching its new product with a very aggressive price to penetrate the market, especially since the release is accompanied by a reduction of 10 euros.

In short

  • The 12 W speaker
  • The elegant metallic finish
  • DTS format support

Instead of 59 euros, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker is available today at only 49 euros on Boulanger. It’s even cheaper than the price of a Google Nest Mini!

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The Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker is a fairly large connected speaker with dimensions of 13.1 x 10.4 x 15.1 cm for a weight of 842 grams. She then wants to compete with products like Google’s Nest Audio or Amazon’s Echo for almost the same price as a Nest Mini or Echo Dot.

Its design is quite elegant with this metallic finish all around the speaker. However, this is not only for aesthetic purposes, since it is also supposed to limit vibrations for better audio quality. A 12 W speaker is present for an estimated sound power of up to 75 dB according to Xiaomi. Note that the speaker also supports DTS format for quality HD sound.

There is also a touch panel on the top to do some manual controls, as well as an Echo-style light ring when the speaker is performing a task. However, this is not limited to the color blue or orange like at Amazon, but to pulses in different color combinations depending on what you ask Google Assistant.

You can then ask questions, control your many connected objects or play music via different streaming platforms, such as Deezer, YouTube Music or Spotify. Thanks to its Bluetooth compatibility, it is even possible to connect your smartphone / tablet to use other services.

Offer no longer available?

If the offer mentioned in this article is subsequently no longer available, please take a look at the table below to find other offers concerning the Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker.

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