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The Witcher Season 2 – Everything We Know So Far


The Witcher season 2 is almost here; And with an official release date, we can start the countdown until we can return to the Continent and meet in Kaer Morhen with Geralt and Ciri.

Thanks to WitcherCon, we have new content and information, including a trailer and several brand new images. We also have a list of cast members, both existing and new faces.

The Witcher temporada 2: Detalles

The release date of The Witcher season 2 has already been confirmed during WitcherCon. The new season will be released on December 17, 2021!

There may be a two-year gap between one season and the next, but this doesn’t seem to bother fans. Showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich previously explained that added time was good for the show, stating that she has to make sure that “each person on our team has the time to do their job and do it to the best of their ability. This way we make sure that we have plenty of time for corrections and changes for the second season and we don’t have to rush anything at the last minute. ”

Netflix’s Geeked week offered several mini-teasers, but now is when we have weighty content.

The first trailer for The Witcher season 2 shows Ciri’s last journey once reunited with Geralt. The Girl of Surprise heads to Kaer Morhen to develop and train her abilities along with other Warlocks, including Lambert, a new addition to the series.

Much of what made the first season a success remains: the sound of clashing swords and monsters lurking in the shadows will be enough to draw fans back. Luckily, Yennefer is back too. His disappearance at the Battle of Sodden Hill, thankfully, has not turned out to be fatal. But it’s not sure if his path will cross Geralt’s again now that we’re on a single timeline.

Official images and new characters

In addition to the new trailer, behind-the-scenes videos, and Instagram posts confirming that the recording has taken place, there have been other sources of information about this new season.

Some of the main characters will not only find themselves in new situations, but also with new looks.

Geralt has a shiny new piece of armor, Ciri is training in what could be Kaer Morhen, and Yennefer has had better times after the Battle of Sodden Hill.


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