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the watch would not run under Wear OS

A leaker claims that the future connected watch from OnePlus would not run on Wear OS … And that’s not so bad.

oneplus watch

Forget this rectangular frame, and let your imagination focus on a circular design // Gamesdone: Frandroid

Rumors have been around for a while about a possible OnePlus watch, which the brand confirmed when launching its OnePlus 8T. There will therefore be a OnePlus Watch, and its launch is approaching if we are to believe the proliferation of leaks about it.

No Wear OS on board the OnePlus Watch

The latest hallway noise is from Max Jambor on Twitter, a leaker generally knowledgeable when it comes to OnePlus. He claims that the OnePlus Watch would not run on Wear OS, the operating system dedicated to connected objects from Google. The subsidiary brand of BBK Electronics would therefore have developed its own OS.

This is quite surprising: OnePlus has always been very close to Google’s philosophy for its smartphones and only deviates very little from it with OxygenOS. In addition, the recent Oppo Watch was released in France under Wear OS and we know the proximity between OnePlus and Oppo.

A relevant choice

However, it is difficult to throw stones at OnePlus on this point. For several years, Google has struggled to be competitive in the connected watch market despite its regular improvements promising ever more speed and autonomy.

Despite this, watches running Wear OS are far from offering the lifespan on a single charge that Huawei, Samsung or Fitbit can achieve with their proprietary system, for example. When we know the importance of autonomy for OnePlus, this would further explain this choice.

In addition, Wear OS cannot be fundamentally changed, unlike Android, forcing manufacturers to deal with the advantages and disadvantages of the system without really being able to bring their own vision to it other than through applications. Suffice to say that it is quite limited.

A postponed exit

Recall that, still according to the same source, the launch of the OnePlus Watch would have been postponed. According to the latest news, the tocante should be equipped with a circular screen – which the first drawings revealed by the brand seemed to confirm – as well as a SoC Snapdragon Wear 4100. All this information still remains to be confirmed.

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