Tuesday, April 13

the unlimited plan goes to 5G and it’s free

As expected, this new “Mardi Free” is dedicated to the launch of 5G by the mobile operator. Good news, this addition is done at no extra cost.

As one could guess, Free waited until Tuesday, December 15 to unveil and launch the marketing of its first 5G offers.

An unlimited 5G plan at no additional cost

The operator had already done this for the launch of 4G LTE, and reiterates with 5G: this new generation of network arrives at no additional cost to the end customer. Thus, the operator keeps his unlimited Free plan at 19.99 euros for 150 GB of data to be used per month (reduced flow beyond).

Subscribers to Freebox and Freebox Pop offers continue to benefit from their advantageous rates at 15.99 euros per month and 9.99 euros per month which also offers them unlimited data volume.

Obviously, the package remains without commitment, and the operator does not seem to have made any other changes except the addition of 5G according to our reading of the press release. We will have to wait to see the standardized information sheet in detail to learn more about the possible small lines.

Which mobile network for Free in 5G? What coverage?

Free announces that it has activated 5,255 sites in 5G, which would cover nearly 40% of the French population. The operator thus announces that it has the largest 5G network to date in France, both in rural and urban areas. Be careful, however, to achieve this coverage, Free Mobile essentially reuses its 4G LTE 700 MHz network which has the particularity of offering wide coverage, such as the low frequency 800 MHz for 4G LTE.

The other operators who launched 5G have focused on 3.5 GHz, a new frequency that was not used for 4G and which allows an increase in speed, up to three times that of 4G, but which has much lower coverage per antenna. Free Mobile also uses this frequency band for which it has obtained a 70 MHz slice to transmit in 5G, but the operator does not clearly announce the number of sites activated on the 5G band of 3.5 GHz.

How to activate your Free 5G plan?

The new plan is available today for new or old subscribers. For the latter, however, you have to go to the subscriber area to activate 5G.

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