Tuesday, January 26

The trick to quickly find your car when you don’t know where you have parked

If you always carry your mobile with you, those moments when you don’t know where you have parked your vehicle should end. It has happened to all of us once, or a few times. We go to a hypermarket or a town that we do not know and after spending the day there we do not remember where we have parked the car. This common situation was normal before, but now it can be avoided if you carry your mobile with you at all times. Google applications do not stop incorporating new features to make our lives easier, and also collect information. Google Maps is one of the main ones and the ones that work the best, but few people have explored it thoroughly and a large number of the functions it incorporates are often unknown. One of them is called Save parking that you can do at any time. Have you ever used it? It is more than simple. Google Maps allows you to locate electric vehicle charging stations along the map, which makes our life much easier when it comes to finding the closest charging station to our home or our route. When you have parked your car you must open Google Maps and you have two options. One of them is to directly save the location where you are, but the one we recommend is Save parking: click on the blue point where you are to open the options and mark it. In this way, the place will be memorized and when you want to return to the car, just open Google Maps and look for the parking point that will appear directly on the map. In case you don’t know how to find it either, it is even possible to select How to get there so that it will tell you. There may be an extensive debate on some aspects of technology, but the truth is that these little helps are always appreciated and make your life much easier.


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