Wednesday, October 21

The spectacular flying suit for emergencies shines in a rescue mission

The British company Gravity Industries has tested its JetSuit flying suit on a mountain rescue mission, and it has been a success. Are we facing a future rescue vehicle? Drones, autonomous vehicles or flying suits offer new forms of transport that can revolutionize different markets, from taxi services to parcels, private routes, home deliveries, etc. But one of the sectors where companies want to influence, because it is very good publicity, is that of emergencies. One of the most advanced flying suits currently in development is the JetSuit from the British company Gravity. In fact, it can already be purchased for a price of around 400,000 euros. A few days ago Gravity asked the Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS) of the United Kingdom for help to organize a simulated rescue mission on the mountain, with the aim of discovering if the JetSuit can be used in emergency situations. In this video you have the result: As we can see, the mission was a success. The JetSuit can be transported by a single person on foot up the mountain if necessary, although it needs the help of another operator to transport the 30 kilos of fuel. But in a normal situation, they could get to the accident area by car. Once at the base of the mountain, with the flying suit, the supposed firefighter or paramedic reaches the top in 90 seconds, while if he had to do it on foot, it would take 25 minutes. The helicopter rescue would have taken longer and is not always available. Besides that it is much more expensive. Cheap, lightweight and compact camera drone, perfect for beginners or children who want to learn to operate drones. It is foldable and its battery offers about 20 minutes of autonomy. This JetSuit uses a powerful thruster attached to the back and auxiliary thrusters in the arms, which are also used for maneuvering. It is a system that offers a high speed, up to 135 km / h, and allows good control, as seen in the video when it gracefully perches on a stone, like a bird. But against him it has to require a lot of strength in the arms, and a training time to learn to maneuver. It is likely that, in the near future, we will see emergency teams equipped with these types of flying suits. Especially in high mountain areas or places with difficult access.

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