Thursday, February 25

the speaker designed with Devialet is 140 euros less

For its Sound X connected speaker, Huawei has approached Devialet in order to benefit from its know-how in terms of sound reproduction. The result is a fake HomePod-like speaker capable of delivering quality sound. And during the winter sales, its price drops by 140 euros.

If we had to quickly summarize the Huawei Sound X, we would quickly have said that we are facing a connected speaker that brings together the best of Huawei technology (which has not forgotten to look at Apple for design) and all of Devialet’s know-how. But that would be to forget that this accessory for audiophile now enjoys a low price thanks to a promotion on the site of the Chinese manufacturer.

In short :

  • Quality Devialet sound;
  • A superb aesthetic;
  • An enclosure ready for Celia’s future arrival.

The high-end Huawei Sound X speaker is thus offered to 159 euros on the Huawei website against 299 euros usually.

To know more

The first thing that jumps out at the Huawei Sound X is how much the Chinese manufacturer has taken inspiration from Apple’s HomePod for the overall shape. In terms of design, its shell alternates between a glossy black shell and a lower part in fabric (honeycomb). If its general aesthetic gives it a welcome luxurious side, it tends to retain fingerprints. The controls are done in a tactile way on the upper surface and it is possible to see the woofers vibrate through two side slits.

Within it, we find two woofers, positioned back to back at mid-height, with a power of 2 x 30 W. While they take care of the bass, six tweeters (of 5W each) take care of the treble in being placed so as to diffuse the sound at 360 °. Overall, the sound reproduction is very good, proof of Devialet’s talent. All the more so thanks to SMA (Speaker Active Matching) technology which processes the musical signal in real time and adjusts the sound pressure produced at the output.

For the rest, there is a MediaTek MT8518 Quad Core processor with 512 MB of RAM and 8 GB of flash memory for local storage. A technical sheet that allows the Sound X to accommodate the Celia voice assistant for the management of remote commands… As soon as it is available.

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