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The Sony WF-XB700 and their powerful bass drop below 90 euros

The Sony WF-BX700 are the most accessible true wireless of the Japanese brand. A product as compact and light as it is rich in bass, which is usually 150 euros and goes to 89.99 euros in these holidays.

With their 8 grams per earpiece, the Sony WF-BX700 are lightweight true wireless earphones with excellent build quality. They are currently available at -43% on Amazon.

The Sony WF-BX700 at a glance

  • A solid product and IP54
  • Very good support and effective insulation
  • A sound reproduction of quality and rich in bass.

The Sony WF-XB700 are sleek, relatively unobtrusive and deliver rich bass sound. These are the cheapest wireless headphones from the Japanese manufacturer at 150 euros. They are offered for a limited time at 89.99 euros on Amazon.

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The Sony WF-XB700 are the most affordable headphones from the Japanese house. A three-segment design, which doesn’t make these headphones a design icon, but offers excellent support in the ears. Despite their rather large size, we do not have more than 8 g in each ear; perfect for long listening without too much discomfort. The build quality is robust and the waterproof shell (IP54 certified) allows use in the rain.

In terms of ergonomics, each earpiece has a small button. These may be a bit small and hard to activate. But once you get used to it, control is intuitive. On the left side, we have volume management and on the right that of reading or the activation of a voice assistant.

By design, these headphones offer quality insulation that allows you to get the most out of your music. The sound reproduction is quite good, with controlled mids and treble a little withdrawn. Indeed, Sony has especially cared for the bass which is powerful, impactful, without being too deep. This is still quite impressive, however, in proportion to the size of the headphones. If you listen to bass-heavy music and are on a budget, you may have found the product for you.

Finally, its autonomy reaches 7 to 8 hours and its small charging box allows 2 to 2.5 charges.

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