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the soap opera continues, but without Nissan according to the Financial Times

According to a report consulted by the Financial Times, discussions between Apple and Nissan about the Apple Car have already ended.

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For sure, Apple is actively looking for a strong partner to help it build its very first electric and autonomous car, which we call Apple Car. This project, at a time known as “Project Titan”, has been the subject of many rumors for many years now. But it was in December 2020 that the media spotlight turned on it again after a small bomb dropped by Reuters.

Nissan and Apple, that’s a no

According to the news agency, the Apple Car could be ready for 2024 with a revolutionary battery. The weeks which followed this announcement were then the scene of rumors of all kinds, according to which Nissan would be strongly interested in joining forces with the firm at the apple. Its CEO had indeed implied his interest during a conference call dedicated to the manufacturer’s quarterly results.

Except that Nissan and Apple would not have found an agreement at all that would suggest a potential collaboration. A statement straight from the Financial Times, which quotes a report he was able to consult. Sources knowledgeable on the matter would appear in the document.

A disagreement on the make of the car

Also according to the American media, brief contacts have been established between the two entities, without the discussions reaching however very advanced stage. The talks are said to have even ended after a disagreement: Apple wanted the car to be stamped Apple, except that there was no question for Nissan to be considered a mere supplier.

The soap opera therefore continues to find out which car manufacturer will be chosen by the Cupertino giant. Hyundai and Kia, for example, were on the right track, before the negotiations broke down. It was also rumored that Peugeot and General Motors were in ambush, without any news about them. In short, the Apple Car should probably continue to punctuate part of the automotive news of 2021.

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