Thursday, January 20

the smallest USB-C charger is even smaller


Anker has just unveiled its new product named Nano II GaN. It is a charger based on gallium nitride. This allows it to be very compact for excellent fuel efficiency.

For a long time, we recommended the charger named Anker PowerPort Atom PD 1. Its main advantage was its size… until today. The Chinese manufacturer Anker has just presented its new model declined with three powerful: 30 Watts for smartphones, 45 and 65 Watts for laptops and some smartphones. It is really very compact, as you can see above, while still allowing you to take advantage of the fast charging of your mobile device.

Its little name is Anker Nano II GaN and this USB-C charger was already a benchmark thanks to its size and performance. This is made possible thanks to the gallium nitride introduced in 2018 in the first Anker products.

What is GaN?

Gallium nitride, also called GaN, is a semiconductor that can be used to produce chips for electronics, like silicon. GaN is a transparent crystalline material, used for 30 years in the production of LEDs. GaN is currently the best candidate to succeed Silicon, mainly for its efficiency.

For phone and laptop chargers, the use of high voltage GaN allows more power to be transferred with a much higher efficiency than silicon, making them more suitable for this type of application.

Since more power can be transferred via GaN components, which can also be made more compact than their silicon counterparts, this means that one can reduce the number of components required for a charger (and therefore its overall size).

At this time, Anker Nano II GaN chargers are only available for pre-order in the United States. They are respectively at 29.99, 35.99 and 39.99 US dollars.

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