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the self-employed finally have a banking offer to save money


After having conquered the individual market, Hello bank! tackles that of professionals with Hello Business, an account entirely designed for entrepreneurs. But what are the real advantages and savings offered by this offer?

Representative near 65% of companies created in 2020, or the trifle of 547,900 entities, the micro-enterprise is on the rise. This is why Hello bank !, after having struck a big blow with individuals, decided to take an interest in the professional market with Hello Business.

An offer entirely designed for entrepreneurs which takes up the fundamentals of Hello bank! and adapts it to an audience with more specific needs. Much more than a simple bank account, Hello Business is intended to be a real companion for entrepreneurs thanks to a host of directly integrated ancillary services. It is a way of providing entrepreneurs with the best possible support in their daily lives, while allowing them to save a lot of money. A brief overview of the advantages of Hello Business.

Hello Business is offered at a rate of 10.90 euros excluding tax per month. But for the launch, online banking offers you to try the service for free for two months.

An offer tailored for professionals

Deployed a few weeks ago by Hello bank !, Hello Business is positioned as a real toolbox available to professionals, in particular freelancers. As such, it has many advantages:

  • 1500 euros overdraft facility
  • Insurance and legal assistance included
  • Invoicing and tracking software with the My Business Assistant Start application
  • LyfPro payment solution included

Beyond these specificities specific to entrepreneurs, Hello Business can also count on all the know-how of Hello bank! with some of the most efficient banking services on the market. As a reminder, Hello bank! this is :

  • An international Visa payment card
  • Free payments and withdrawals anywhere in the world
  • Instant and free SEPA transfers
  • Real-time monitoring of operations
  • A mobile application to manage your accounts among the best on the market

Hello Business is currently available at the rate of 10.90 euros per month. And for any subscription before June 30, two months will be offered.

A host of free integrated services

Beyond its already attractive banking offer, Hello Business is positioned above all as a turnkey solution for professionals thanks to a plethora of services and management tools.

The main and most practical service is undoubtedly the My Business Assistant Start application, which makes it easy to manage quotes, invoices and credit notes on mobile or computer. Essential to the good management of the company, it is on a par with many equivalent services that can be found on the web. Included for free in Hello Business, it saves on average between 5 and 25 euros per month compared to third-party services of the same ilk.

My Business Assistant Start includes all the tools to manage your micro-business

My Business Assistant Start includes all the tools to manage your micro-business

Another significant advantage, the Hello Business offer directly includes insurance that covers many cases. Entrepreneurs traveling a lot will thus be able to benefit from reimbursement on cancellations, modifications or interruptions of travel, as well as any concerns related to rental vehicles. A significant saving when you know the cost of insurance offered by airlines, or the cost of professional insurance which can start from 9.90 euros per month.

Under this insurance, entrepreneurs will also be able to claim daily allowances in the event of hospitalization for one day or more following an accident or illness. This compensation may be up to 100 euros per day of hospitalization, up to a maximum of 60 days.

Last example of savings that can be achieved with Hello Business: the LyfPro payment solution. This third-party service allows merchants to dispense with banking terminals to directly collect payments on their mobiles. LyfPro usually recovers 1.6% HT of payments by credit card or via the LyfPay application, or Hello bank! negotiated a lower rate for its Hello Business customers, with 1.35% excluding tax.

With Hello Business, your smartphone also serves as a payment terminal thanks to LyfPro

With Hello Business, your smartphone also serves as a payment terminal thanks to LyfPro

In terms of pure bank charges, Hello Business is also making a lot of efforts to help entrepreneurs, in particular by offering an overdraft facility of 1,500 euros. The overdraft facility is equivalent to a temporary authorized overdraft which allows entrepreneurs to offset any cash flow mismatches. This offer also allows withdrawals and payments outside the euro zone at no additional cost, where the fees charged by traditional banks vary between 2 and 4% of the transaction carried out.

Support at all times

Throughout their activity, entrepreneurs are faced with many challenges that they will have to overcome alone. Cash flow delays, invoicing reminders, or even disputes with customers can be the order of the day, and disrupt daily life. As a true companion to the entrepreneur, Hello Business nevertheless offers a varied support and assistance package, starting with dedicated, priority customer service available 6 days a week in the event of an urgent problem.

Unless you need it on a Sunday, Hello Business customer service is easily accessible

Unless you need it on a Sunday, Hello Business customer service is easily accessible

But this support does not stop there, because Hello Business also offers legal support for its clients in the event of possible disputes. Whether for simple advice related to rights and obligations related to professional activity, or to help resolve a dispute, entrepreneurs can benefit from legal support.

For example, support in the event of a legal defense or to enforce a decision rendered will give access to an envelope of up to 5,000 euros excluding tax, including 1,200 euros excluding tax to cover legal costs and fees. .

Legal assistance that will also be found when traveling abroad, since Hello Business customers can benefit from being put in touch with an interpreter and a lawyer recommended by the local authorities.

You can try out Hello Bank’s Hello Business offer for free! during two months. This allows you to save around twenty euros in additional savings, but also to test the service without having to pay.


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