Friday, October 30

The secrets inside the PS5: liquid metal and a huge heatsink

Sony just shared the official PS5 teardown. This is a video in which they disassemble the console and that allows us to see interesting details such as the passive heatsink, the 120mm fan and the liquid metal solution to cool the SoC. It seems that we are going to see the interior of PS5 before than the interface of the console itself. There is barely a month and a half left, something more in Spain, for PS5 to be officially launched and, finally, Sony has made the traditional teardown. With the latest consoles, the Japanese have accustomed us to a rather curious and exhaustive teardown process that allows us to see one of those responsible opening the device to show everything that is under the case. Without further ado, we leave you the video that Sony has shared in which they disassemble the PS5: And if you do not know Japanese, we leave you the video of the PlayStation Spain channel with the subtitles: The official analysis of the # PS5 hardware is here: https: // Take a look at the next-gen technology on PlayStation 5, the culmination of 5 years of design and development. – PlayStation Spain (@PlayStationES) October 7, 2020 These videos are always interesting for those of us who enjoy seeing the guts of the devices, but also in this case it allows us to know a lot of information about the console. For starters, it seems that the PS5 cases will be removed very easily, which will allow modification of them by users. In addition, the fan has a diameter of 120 mm and a width of 4.5 cm. This explains, in part, the size of the machine. The active heatsink also has significant dimensions and will function as if it were a vapor chamber. If you are going to buy the PS5 console, you need a 4K TV. Sony makes it easy for you with their new Sony Bravia series that carry the ‘Ready for PlayStation 5’ seal. What do they contribute? The SoC, a Ryzen Zen 2 processor combo with RDNA 2 GPUs, does not have conventional thermal paste, but a liquid metal solution that we will see how it works, but that in laptops like the Asus Zephyrus Duo 15 left us a great taste in our mouths. . Now, we just have to wait for the launch on November 19 … and see if Sony shares news about elements that we still do not know, such as the aforementioned system interface.

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