Friday, January 22

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro have already been taken in hand in video

More than a week before their official presentation, the future Samsung headphones have already been taken in hand by video on YouTube.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Les Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro // Gamesdone : Digital Slang

It is on January 14 that we await the official presentation of the next true wireless headphones from Samsung, the Galaxy Buds Pro. However, even before that date, the headphones were leaked again, this time on video.

It is the videographer Digital Slang on YouTube who was indeed able to buy the future headphones from Samsung thanks to an ad posted on Facebook Marketplace. He then decided to take it in hand in order to show the Galaxy Buds Pro from every angle in a 17-minute video.

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The black version of the headphones was thus able to be taken in hand – Samsung should also offer a purple model and a silver model. Of course, the headphones are supplied with their charging case as well as a charging cable and additional tips. They are in fact in-ear headphones whose tips fit inside the ear canal in order to provide good passive isolation.

Earphones a little smaller than the Galaxy Buds Pro

The case itself looks quite similar to the Galaxy Buds Live, albeit a little thicker. It should allow 18 hours of battery life in total, including five hours with headphones alone.

Regarding the headphones themselves, they appear to be much more compact than the Galaxy Buds Plus launched a year ago by Samsung. The application for controlling the headphones also indicates that they have an active noise reduction function. Regarding the touch controls, it is possible by default to pause the music, change tracks and modify the noise reduction, but not to change the volume. This can be done, however, by changing the settings of the companion app.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are expected to officially be presented on Thursday, January 14. It is indeed on this date that Samsung intends to launch its new high-end smartphones, the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra that the headphones should accompany.

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