Sunday, January 24

The Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 fall to 223 and 298 euros thanks to a promo code

In 2020, Samsung renewed its mid-to-mid-range smartphones with some very successful devices. Today, the excellent Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 are enjoying a nice discount thanks to a promo code.

For one day only, Rakuten provides the promo code RAKUTEN15 allowing you to take advantage of a 15 euros discount on all orders of at least 99 euros. In addition, the reimbursement in Super Points is inflated to 20% for the products from this selection. As a reminder, just register for free at Club R to be able to benefit and use these Super Points in vouchers.

By combining these two offers, the price of two of the best mid-range smartphones from Samsung released in 2020 drops to a very interesting level, with the Galaxy A51 at 223 euros and the Galaxy A71 at 298 euros.

The Samsung Galaxy A51 at 223 euros

In addition to its flagships, the Galaxy S and Note, Samsung also offers excellent mid-range smartphones like the Galaxy A51. For a low price, it has a balanced technical sheet in all areas. The 6.5-inch AMOLED display is one of the best that can be found in this price range, with Samsung’s expertise helping it a lot. It is well highlighted by very thin screen borders. There is also on the back of the Galaxy A51 a powerful quadruple photo sensor that offers great versatility. The main sensor is also doing very well, and this is the most important. Finally, the autonomy is generous and makes it easy to take a good day of use away from an outlet.

Released at the beginning of the year at 379 euros, you can now find the Samsung Galaxy A51 at 223 euros at Rakuten thanks to the code RAKUTEN15. In addition, once the purchase is made, you can count on a refund of 44 euros in Super Points.

The Samsung Galaxy A71 at 298 euros

The Samsung Galaxy A71 looks a lot like the Galaxy A51. Its main differences are a larger screen and a better processor. You will find on board the Samsung Galaxy A71 a Snapdragon 730, a more comfortable processor for 3D games. The AMOLED screen measures 6.7 inches this time, with good brightness and a rather faithful rendering. Large format requires, the Samsung Galaxy A71 has a more generous battery, offering a range of up to two days. The configuration of the four photo sensors is similar to that of the Galaxy A51, and that’s good because the shots are successful.

Launched at 479 euros, the Samsung Galaxy A71 sees its price melt. Indeed, it is offered at 298 euros at Rakuten thanks to the code RAKUTEN15. This represents a price drop of around 180 euros. Finally, a refund of 58 euros in Super Points is also in the game.

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