Saturday, February 27

the release of xCloud on PC is approaching and would go through the browser

Microsoft’s cloud gaming service is expected for PC and iOS in the spring. The preview version could arrive shortly.

Cloud gaming has suffered some setbacks with the difficulties of Google Stadia, or the delays of Shadow, but on the side of Microsoft, we still believe very much in the potential of xCloud, the in-house solution. The firm promised in 2020 that its cloud gaming solution integrated into the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription would be offered in spring 2021 on iOS and PC.

We were also able to test an internal application for Windows 10 called Xbox Game Streaming. This application allows from a PC to access either an Xbox Series S or X in streaming, or xCloud servers. It has been revealed that this application has notably allowed developers to work on their games remotely, during periods of confinement in 2020.

The version of xCloud on PC would be ready soon, but it would no longer go through this dedicated application.

A web solution already used by hundreds of players

Journalist Brad Sams, always very well informed when it comes to the Xbox, indicates that Microsoft has been offering its employees for several weeks to test xCloud, from their browser. The test would have progressed enough to be open to a very large group of employees within the firm to take their feedback. The project would even be in the final stages before the launch of a public preview.

According to users interviewed by Brad Sams, the service still has some stability issues and only works in Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. Strange that Safari is not in compatible versions, yet it is through him that the iOS version of the service will pass.

Towards a gradual launch?

It remains to be seen what Microsoft’s strategy will be to launch its cloud gaming service. The firm will take the floor at the end of the month to talk about cloud gaming, AI and inclusiveness. This may be the right occasion to launch a possible preview version of the service on PC.

For the iOS version, it seems that Apple’s policy should force Microsoft to wait until the last moment to launch. The firm wants to avoid any problem with its service, as it has already experienced with the dedicated application.

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