Thursday, June 24

The reasons why an engine loses power over the years

Perhaps we all take it for granted that, over the years, engines lose power because parts wear out. But in some cases it can be easily solved with an investment of just 12 euros. Let’s see what happens inside an “old man” engine. They are everyday machines that are part of our lives and we do not give them importance, but a car is an extraordinarily sophisticated and technological vehicle. And the most impressive of all is, surely, the engine. Thousands of parts that interact with each other under extreme conditions of pressure, heat and movement. Why do engines lose power over the years? A good car engine can run 500,000 kilometers with hardly any pain. That’s more than 12 laps around the world … It is an impressive achievement but the most normal thing, especially in series or low-priced vehicles, that from 80,000 or 100,000 kilometers we begin to notice that the car does not pull. Or at least, it doesn’t do it with as much oomph as when we bought it. In these cases it is best to ask an expert. Our colleague Vicente Cano from Auto Bild explains that the causes can be varied. Some are easy to fix, and some are not. Like us, cars also get old and suffer from age-related ailments … The problem with this loss of power is not only that the car costs more to accelerate, but it also increases fuel consumption, so let’s having to fill the tank more often. A car engine has thousands of parts and components, and many of them wear out over time. Fortunately, some are easy and cheap to replace. Filters The most common cause that a car begins to lose power over the years is that the air or fuel filters become dirty or damaged. The air filter cleans the air that enters the engine, and if it is very dirty the air flow is better, and this affects the power. It is advisable to check it every 15,000 kilometers. Checking and changing the air filter is something we can do ourselves, as Auto Bild does not explain in this tutorial. It is an operation that will barely cost us 12 euros. The same principle applies to the gasoline or diesel filter, depending on your car. They also get dirty and have to be changed every few years. But in this case you may have to take it to the workshop. The fuel consumption of a vehicle depends on many factors. If you keep these five things in mind, you will save a lot of money on fuel. Spark plugs Another cause of engine power loss over the years are spark plugs. They are responsible for the ignition of fuel, and over time they can spoil. Experts recommend changing them every 80,000 kilometers or so, or when we notice a loss of engine power. The pistons and valves We come to the most delicate element. If the loss of power is caused by the engine pistons, we have a major problem. Over the years, the piston head rings wear out. It is inevitable, although depending on its quality it may never happen before the car is retired. It has two USB ports, which can charge the devices at the same time. USB-C and Micro USB provide two ways of charging, making it convenient and fast. It is compatible with smartphones and tablets, as well as a variety of digital cameras and gaming devices. This wear causes the compression shocks not to send their full force through the crankshaft, reducing power. If it is severe, it can cause fuel and oil to enter the engine. Its change costs a lot of money. Finally, another problem that generates loss of power is a bad sealing of the valves. It is usually an engine defect, hopefully if you have it under warranty they will fix it for free.

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