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The PS5 is currently only 8K compatible on paper … and on its cardboard

Despite Sony’s announcements and mentions on its box, the PlayStation 5 is not able to natively support 8K definition. At least for now, report experts from Digital Foundry, who also report the absence of VRR …

According to Digital Foundry, Sony has yet to enable VRR or 8K support on its new console

According to Digital Foundry, Sony has not yet activated VRR or 8K support on its new console // Gamesdone: Frandroid / Arnaud GELINEAU

Whatever your hardware, the PlayStation 5 will not exceed Ultra HD in native definition. This is what the specialists of the British site explain Digital Foundry in their technical analysis of the new console from Sony. We learn that the PS5 does not support the 8K definition (however promised by Sony, including on the console box), nor the VRR (Variable Refresh Rate).

In both cases, the manufacturer should nevertheless remedy the situation at a later date, through software updates. In its recent FAQ, Sony has also confirmed that support for 8K will arrive via an upcoming system software update.

PS5 and 8K? Surely for later …

«This is an academic point, but the PS5’s packaging also hints at 8K display functionality. It’s a bit frivolous and bordering on ridiculous in the current context, but I tried to activate it on a gigantic LG 75NANO99 native 8K display … [Malheureusement], the native definition of the PS5 was limited to 4K at most », Reports Richard Leadbetter for Digital Foundry.

The reporter goes on to note further that the PlayStation 5 does not support VRR or ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode, which forces your TV to automatically launch its preset gaming, less prone to lag, when a console is connected). These two technologies, however, accompany the HDMI 2.1 standard that the PS5 sports as well as its competitor the Xbox Series X. As it stands, not only is Sony’s new console not capable of managing a dynamic refresh rate, but it is necessary ” manually activate game mode to achieve the lowest possible latency », explique Digital Foundry.

Xbox Series X supports VRR and ALLM

The players who have already been able to get their hands on an Xbox Series X are not, and that’s good enough, not quite in the same boat. Microsoft’s console indeed supports both VRR and ALLM… but it also lacks (temporary) native support for 8K. A point on which Microsoft has spoken. “Serie X was designed to take into account technological advancements over the next 8-10 years », Explains the brand to WhatHifi. “And as 8K is a format that is becoming more widely adopted, the console will support it.Microsoft continues, with a turn of phrase in the future.

For now, both Microsoft and Sony seem to be focusing mainly on 4K to offer the bestframeratespossible in this definition. Holders of 8K panels will therefore have to settle for an upscaled Ultra HD signal for the time being. Fortunately, most 8K televisions rely on upscaling systems capable of converting Ultra HD sources to 8K definition with some efficiency.

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