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the PS5 controller loses a few euros thanks to this promo code

The DualSense for PlayStation 5, which can also be used on other media, benefits today – and only today – from a small price reduction. Sony’s “next-gen” controller then goes from 69.99 to 62.99 euros thanks to a promo code.

The PlayStation 5 DualSense controller fascinates with its many “next-gen” features, such as haptic feedback or adaptive triggers. It is compatible with the new Sony console, of course, but also on PC, Mac as well as smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS / iPadOS. Only today we find her with a few euros less.

In short

  • Better ergonomics than the DualShock 4
  • Features exclusive to a PlayStation 5
  • Can be used on other media, such as PCs and smartphones

Instead of 69.99 euros, the Sony DualSense controller for PS5 is now available on sale at 62.99 euros on Rakuten (via the seller Boulanger) using the promo code RAKUTEN7. In addition, you will receive 3.50 euros free on your next order by joining the Club R.

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The Sony DualSense marks a profound change from the DualShock range. She began by opting for a new design, taking inspiration from the console with a mostly white dress. The position of the keys and joysticks remains unchanged, but it is clear that the PS5 controller is much more comfortable in the hand.

The Share button is also replaced by the Create button, which fulfills much the same function, however with more possibilities for editing images and sharing on social networks. Regarding autonomy, it is at the same level as for the PS4 controller, but with a faster charging system than before via its USB-C port.

Finally, you should know that this new controller takes all the features of the DualShock 4 V2, namely vibrations, motion detection or the touchpad, and adds some improvements. First of all, there’s haptic feedback, a technology that allows you to experience various sensations through the controller, for example if your character is running on sand or asphalt. Then come the adaptive triggers, the keys R2 and L2 are therefore equipped with a motor to regulate the intensity.

These features are however reserved for the PlayStation 5, but you can also use this controller in a classic way on other media. It is compatible with PCs, Macs and smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS / iPadOS, via Bluetooth or in wired mode. Some have even managed to use it on Nintendo Switch.

To find out more, do not hesitate to read the section on DualSense in our PlayStation 5 review.

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