Tuesday, May 18

The PS5 brings merchant sites to their knees

It’s D-Day for the PlayStation 5. Sony’s new next-gen console is so popular that retailers are struggling to support the buyers’ load.

PS5 Playstation 5

The PlayStation 5 // Gamesdone: Frandroid / Arnaud GELINEAU

The next-gen is here ! A big week after the Xbox Series X and Series S, it’s the turn of the PS5 to be available to everyone. Or almost for everyone. The lack of stock and confinement undermine the infrastructure of the various merchant sites that offer it.

Limited stocks

Pre-orders of the PS5 began last September, for delivery today, November 19, 2020. Covid requires, Sony nevertheless seems to have been faced with some limitations this year, and the console was quickly a victim of its success. While not everyone has been able to reserve a PlayStation 5 for D-Day, gamers are now flocking to the few models available on merchant sites … to the point of undermining them.

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Getting a PS5 today isn’t easy. Stocks are limited and traders add more units in a dropper. To succeed in buying one, it is therefore necessary to be patient and regularly refresh the dedicated pages of the various e-merchants who have difficulty supporting the load.

Queues set up

To preserve their servers, many merchants have implemented wait strategies. Fnac, for example, explains that it is necessary to wait a few seconds before accessing the offers and even offers a Tetris mini-game to wait.

However, this does not seem to be enough and trying to buy the console is a real obstacle course forcing to slalom between the different pages of error.

At Auchan, a queue has been set up, with sometimes more than 50,000 people waiting to be able to connect in the hope of succeeding in obtaining their Holy Grail.

Some simply did not anticipate this influx and redirect Internet users directly to an error message. ” The site is unavailable due to high traffic », Indicates Leclerc. “Due to a large number of connections, our charging time is longer than normal», Warns Boulanger.

Finally, others, like Cdiscount, have simply dereferenced the console to prevent buyers who hammer their F5 key (page refresh) from bringing down the servers, which does not prevent some unscrupulous third-party resellers from taking advantage of themarketplaceto resell Sony’s console at a high price.

Only Amazon, which currently has no more available stock, seems to be suffering no problem. It will be necessary to see if it will hold all day, the rumors evoking new stocks on the commercial site of Jeff Bezos at the beginning of the afternoon …

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