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the price of the subscription will increase to integrate content “for adults”

The Disney + offer will be enriched in 2021, but this will be accompanied by a mandatory increase in the subscription price.

Since its launch in France at the start of 2020, Disney + has not really experienced major changes. The catalog has seen some additions, and in particular the series The Mandalorian, but we are still very far from the profusion of Netflix. The firm has so far preferred to bet on its strong universes: Star Wars, Marvel, Disney, Pixar and National Geographic.

During its investor day, the firm announced the addition of a whole new universe: Star.

What’s in the Disney + Star catalog?

One of the main criticisms that we could make at Disney + was to focus a little too much on the historical family audience of the firm, and to neglect its war chest on the side of series and films rather designed for adults. This is where the Star catalog comes in, which will contain productions from Fox studios, but also from other Disney-owned channels such as ABC.

Little is known in France, but Disney now owns several television channels in the United States, to which we owe soap operas like Atlanta, Donald Glober, The X-Files, Homeland, Grey’s Anatomy, Prison Break, Desperate Housewives, 24, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and many more. On the film side, we can mention Logan (the third Wolverine), the devil wears Prada, the 6th sense or the Terminator and Alien series.

Obviously, it’s hard to know what exactly the content of this new catalog will be in France. Disney already has many difficulties in bringing together its films and animated series in France due to the chronology of the media, and the contracts in progress concerning the broadcasting rights. Many of this content is already available on competing platforms such as Salto and Amazon Prime.

The new Disney + price

The Star catalog will not be an optional bouquet, but will be integrated directly into the Disney + offer. Result, the firm announces an increase in the price of the subscription, everywhere in the world.

The new tariff is 8.99 euros per month, and will be effective from February 23, 2021 in France. If you are already a Disney + subscriber, you will be able to keep the old rate for 6 months.

Also during its “Investors Day”, Disney also announced the production of 10 Marvel series, 10 séries Star Wars and 15 live-action Disney films coming to Disney +.

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