Saturday, February 27

The price of the AirPods Studio appears in a leak … and you will not like it

The price of the AirPods Studio, the rumored new Apple headphones, has appeared in a leak. There will be two versions, and if the information is correct, the advanced model will be especially expensive. Apple AirPods have become the benchmark in the TWS wireless earphone market. But those from Cupertino are not satisfied with in-ear headphones: according to rumors in recent months, the company is working on the AirPods Studio, headphones that will offer great sound quality and advanced functions. Since Apple announced the date of the event to present the iPhone 12, it has begun to speculate that the new AirPods Studio could make their appearance in the keynote, which has led to the appearance of new information related to the device. Through Twitter, popular leaker Jon Prosser has posted new facts about Apple’s on-ear headphones. According to its sources, the company with the bitten apple is preparing two versions of the AirPods Studio: a standard and a luxury one. One day after the iPhone 12 is presented, there are many details that are confirmed and still many questions to answer, here you have all the information. The standard version will have a sportier design and will be made with cheaper materials than the luxury variant (which does not mean that they are cheap materials). The price of this model will be 350 dollars, which is in line with what similar headphones cost from other brands. The luxury variant will feature a premium design and will be made from higher quality materials. These headphones are expected to be made of leather and metal, and will be priced at $ 599, a higher cost than other alternatives on the market. Wireless Bluetooth wireless headphones are all the rage, and this is all you have to consider before buying a True Wireless headphones. Previous rumors have already told us about some of the possible features of the AirPods Studio. They are said to feature active noise cancellation, high audio quality, and a USB-C port. Despite the fact that many place the presentation of the AirPods Studio next Tuesday, Prosser says his sources have confirmed that we will not meet them at the iPhone 12 event. The leaker maintains that Apple will announce the new headphones through a press release By the end of october. In a few days we will leave doubts.

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