Wednesday, April 14

The Polestar 2 natively hosts the A Better Route Planner service

The benchmark electric vehicle trip planning application, A Better Route Planner, comes aboard the Polestar 2, to the delight of owners.

A Better Route Planner on the Polestar 2

A Better Route Planner on the Polestar 2 // Gamesdone: Polestar

If you are interested in electric mobility, it is very likely that you are familiar with the A Better Route Planner site. The service is now available directly on the infotainment system of the Polestar 2 electric.

Android Automotive, a promising platform

The arrival of Google’s on-board system in many electric vehicles will make it possible to fundamentally change infotainment systems in the years to come. If Polestar was a pioneer in integrating Android Automotive into its vehicles, many others will follow very soon.

Between an assistant at the level of what is best today and an application store with a rich catalog, the future of mobility looks promising. In the age of APIs allowing you to collect valuable information about your vehicle (charge level, average consumption, battery temperature, etc.), A Better Route Planner completes the navigation of the Polestar 2 in the best possible way.

Indeed, while the intelligent planning of A Better Route Planner was for the moment reserved for mobile applications or the website, owners of vehicles running Android Automotive will be able to display the planning, navigation and configure the charging stations they wish to use. directly on their main screen in the passenger compartment.

Tesla is warned, he no longer has the best planning on board

If Tesla was often cited for taking into account recharges on long journeys directly on the on-board computer, it will now be necessary to rely on vehicles equipped with Android Automotive. We told you about it recently, but without an application dedicated to electric mobility, relevant and customizable like A Better Route Planner is, it is very difficult to plan long journeys.

From now on, Polestar 2 drivers will therefore be able to boast of having the ultimate in electric navigation: with A Better Route Planner on board, they are ready for all types of trips.

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