Tuesday, October 20

The Pocket Shot, the circular slingshot shoots arrows

The slingshot is one of the oldest weapons of mankind. Now it is modernized in a circular version that even allows shooting arrows. Everyone, as a child, we have built a slingshot. After all, you only need a stick and a rubber to mount it. Just like our ancestors did hundreds of years ago. The Pocket Shot is a modernized version that becomes the first circular slingshot. The concept is the same: a rubber that contains the ammunition, and is styled with the strength of the arms, to pick up speed. The difference is that instead of the classic Y-shaped stand, it has a circular base that allows for more precision aiming. As you can see in this video, The Power Shot can even be used to shoot arrows: This curious circular slingshot, made in the United States, accepts all types of ammunition: from stones to beans, steel balls, paint balls, paper, and the aforementioned arrows. There are even different accessories to aim better. A version 2.0 has a metal base, with a gimbal for better aiming. It is not a toy: the projectile reaches 8 meters per second, so it hits with great force on cans, targets, and other targets. However there is a junior version for children, smaller. The rubber lasts about 400 launches, but can be replaced in 30 seconds, and the replacement is not expensive, about 6 euros at Amazon. Large design electric convector heater with overheat protection system and ECO mode to save energy while emitting heat. Other advantages are that the loading speed is two or three times higher than that of a conventional slingshot, and it is also completely foldable, and can be carried in your pocket. The Pocket Shot is sold on its official website at a price of around $ 35 in its basic version. We have not found it for sale in Spain, except for the aforementioned spare parts on Amazon. But surely it can be found in a sports store.


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