Tuesday, April 13

the PlayStation App gets a makeover

Before the arrival of the PS5, Sony is releasing a new version of its PlayStation App. More fluid and more ergonomic, it will enhance communication between players and the remote control of its future console.

We tweak the settings at PlayStation before the launch of the PS5. After the new look store, the future interface or even the redesigned trophy system, the application is getting a makeover.

To accompany the PlayStation 5 without neglecting the PS4 players, the application will offer the same experience to all. She wants to focus more on player-to-player connections and games. And for that, it comes with its share of new features.

PlayStation App

PlayStation App

The PS Store integrates the application

The interface of the PS App is smoother. It now better highlights the games your friends are playing right on the Home screen. This will also provide better access to your detailed recent games and list of your trophies. The latest information on PlayStation will appear in the Explore tab (developer news, PlayStation blog…).

The PS Store also appears without exiting the application and therefore asking you to reconnect. You will be able to remotely download games and extensions on your PS4 like your PS5.

Centralized communication between players

The PS Messages app has been integrated to chat directly with friends without leaving the environment. If the secondary app disappears with this merge, your previous messages and threads are transferred in their entirety.

Voice chats and Party groups also integrate the PS App. You will also find them in the new PlayStation interface on PS5. You can chat with up to 15 other players from the app.

Remote management of the PS5

And the PS App promises to make your gaming away from the console easier, too. When the PS5 is released, you will be able to launch your games remotely, manage the storage in case of lack of space if you want to download a new game and quickly connect to the console from the application.

The new PlayStation App arrives as an update for iOS (12.2 or later) and Android (6.0 or later).

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