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The Pixel 5a does exist and it will be there this year, Google promises


While the rumor announced the canceled Pixel 5a, Google confirmed the existence of the smartphone. It will be arriving just a little later this year. But not in France. In any case, not immediately.

The Pixel 5 has a compact form factor

The Pixel 5 is waiting for its little brother Pixel 5a // Gamesdone: Arnaud Gelineau for Frandroid

No, the Pixel 5a is not dead. He is quietly biding his time. And it is not for now. Google itself put an end to the rumor by announcing that its next smartphone was still relevant.

One way to counteract the information given a little earlier by the leaker Jon Prosser who was affirmative by indicating that the Pixel 5a was canceled.

Bad news.

“Barbet” (Pixel 5A) has been canceled. 😞

I’m told it’s due to the chip shortage, and as of this morning, it’s not moving forward.

Pixel 4A and 4A 5G will continue to be sold throughout 2021.

— Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser) April 9, 2021

A launch reserved for Japan and the United States

« The Pixel 5a 5G is not canceled. It will be available later this year in the United States and Japan.“Said a spokesperson for the firm who confirmed that it would be announced as during”the introduction of last year’s A series phone ».

The Pixel 4a was announced in August 2020 and went on sale immediately. The Pixel 5a is expected to enjoy the same shooting window, but with, initially at least, limited release in Japan and the United States. France is currently not concerned.

And this delay is explained, according to Google, by supply problems. The tech world has been experiencing a global component shortage for several months due to the pandemic, but also miscalculations, which have resulted in a shortage of small components for the final assembly of many products.

A device similar to the Pixel 4a 5G

If it follows above all a logic since the advent of the Pixel 3a, then the arrival of the Pixel 4a, the Pixel 5a began to be talked about at the beginning of the year with the first renderings that appeared.

Un possible Google Pixel 5a

Un possible Google Pixel 5a // Gamesdone : OnLeaks/Voice

Also 5G compatible, it would sport a design quite similar to that of the Pixel 4a 5G and the Pixel 5, while being slightly larger and thicker, according to several sources. Its 6.2-inch screen would again have an upper left punch for the selfie camera in the screen. On the back, we would find the same double photo sensors that have made Google photophones famous. Its processor should logically be improved to provide more power.


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