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the perfect robot vacuum for pet owners

To fight against animal hair lying around, Ecovacs is launching the Deebot U2 Pro, a robot vacuum cleaner equipped with a large capacity tank and a series of special accessories. All while maintaining an affordable price of 188 euros thanks to a promotion.

They may brighten up our daily lives, but pets have the annoying tendency to leave their hair lying around, forcing their owners to clean more often. As for robot vacuums, they quickly fill their tank… when they don’t leave half of the hairs on their path. Fortunately, Ecovacs came up with a simple and effective solution: the Deebot U2 Pro.

In addition to relying on the very good value for money inherent in Ecovacs products, the Deebot U2 Pro has several accessories dedicated to animals, as well as a large dust bin. Without forgetting a contained price since we unearth the Deebot U2 Pro at 188 euros at Cdiscount thanks to a promotion that ends this Monday, November 16.

Ecovacs and Frandroid also offer you to win 4 Deebot U2 Pro robot vacuum cleaners on our social networks. See the end of the article to find out how to win one of them!

Why the Deebot U2 Pro is perfect for pets

In line with previous models, like the Deebot Ozmo 605, the Deebot U2 Pro is a 2-in-1 robot vacuum. This means that it can suck up dust and clean stains at the same time. Thus, it has a 400 ml dust container and a 300 ml water container to wash the floor in a single pass.

But Ecovacs does not content itself with offering yet another autonomous robot vacuum cleaner. The manufacturer goes further since the Deebot U2 Pro has been designed to help pet owners as best as possible. Indeed, this one benefits from a “Max +” mode which makes it possible to amplify the suction in order to recover even the hairs encrusted in a carpet for example.

There are also two accessories. An 800 ml XL dust container, so that all the dust and pet hair can be stored in one pass, as well as a special brush.

As a standard, the Deebot U2 Pro incorporates two side brushes, for cleaning complaints, as well as a central brush, designed in such a way that it does not get stuck with debris. This can be replaced by an “anti-tangle” brush capable of dealing with large hairballs. Thus, there is no risk of the rotation being interrupted by tangled hairs.

Finally, the Deebot U2 Pro also includes a floor cleaning wipe to mop, in addition to vacuuming.

A powerful robot vacuum cleaner

Of course, the Deebot U2 Pro isn’t just for pet owners, it has everything you would expect from a high-end robot vacuum.

We told you earlier, the Deebot U2 Pro is completely autonomous. You can program several cleaning modes from the dedicated mobile application. You can configure the Deebot U2 Pro to do a classic cleaning of your home, or to focus on nooks and crannies or on a very specific area. The application also allows you to follow the progress of the household or to schedule passage times.

Thus, the Deebot U2 Pro is also compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. It is possible to directly control the vacuum cleaner with your voice or to integrate routines, so that the vacuum cleaner starts when you leave your home.

In short, the Deebot U2 Pro is efficient, autonomous, while being ready to live daily surrounded by animals. To these strengths is added an affordable price, since it is offered at 188 euros at Cdiscount. A good deal when you know that this type of vacuum cleaner generally costs 400 euros.

Try to win an Ecovacs Deebot U2 Pro on our social networks!

Frandroid and Ecovacs offer you to win 4 Deebot U2 Pro. To win them, you just need to participate in the raffles that we have launched on Twitter and Facebook. Here are the posts and the conditions to participate:

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