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the PC that wants to put Steam in your pocket now has a price

With its Win 3, GPD returns to a concept that we had lost sight of, that of the Ultra-Mobile PC with a retractable keyboard. Noticeably different from other devices launched by the Chinese brand, this new model is equipped with Intel Tiger-Lake processors. We now have a fairly precise idea of ​​its price.

GPD Win 3 will be crowdfunded

GPD Win 3 will be crowdfunded // Gamesdone: GPD

We talked about it on Frandroid not long ago, the GPD Win 3 is now unveiled a little more clearly as the start of the crowdfunding project approaches. We thus discover the technical sheet of the two versions of the device, as well as their respective prices.

This pocket computer (literally) contrasts quite radically with other portable Mini-PCs launched in recent years by GPD, with a grip close to what we find on a Nintendo Switch, for example, but with a screen capable of slide vertically to cover or uncover the keyboard.

A machine that will tuto the 1000 euros

As detailed this morning Mini Machines, the GPD Win 3 will be limited by cons to a small 5.5-inch touchscreen, for a definition of 1280 x 720 pixels. The display surface will therefore be significantly reduced compared to the 8 inches of the GPD Win Max screen (also 720p).

As GPD had already mentioned in November, the device will have an Intel Core i5-1135G7 processor anyway. Attached to the new family of low consumption Tiger-Lake chips, the latter has an Iris Xe graphics part more muscular than in the past with 80 execution units. This will allow him to be relatively comfortable to launch many games in 720p, with good fluidity and graphic quality valid in this definition.

Confirmation is nevertheless given that a more powerful version of Win 3 is indeed topical. This time we will find a Core i7-1165G7, faster and equipped with an Iris Xe iGPU this time equipped with 96 execution units for a more convincing experience in the game.

Whatever version is chosen, the Win GPD will ship 16 GB of RAM (DDR4) and 1 TB of SSD storage for the rest. The device should also be able to last 3 hours on battery in intensive use, against 6 to 8 hours in general use. MiniMachines nevertheless indicates that in light use, the autonomy could reach up to 14 hours. The battery will recharge otherwise in 1 hour 30 minutes using a 65 W charger. Thanks to the connections made possible by its charging dock (USB-C Thunderbolt 4, USB-A, HDMI and RJ45), the device can be easily connected to an external screen to work in good conditions at a desk. There will also be WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

Announced at 829 dollars for the i5 version and at 969 dollars for the i7 model, the GPD Win 3 may nevertheless be sold more expensive once its crowdfunding phase is completed. It will also be necessary to be patient before being able to buy it, GPD having not yet announced a date for the start of crowdfunding, indicates Liliputing. The brand has however confirmed that the device will begin to be delivered in 2021, without further clarification.

For information, its big brother the GPD Win Max was advertised at $ 649 during its crowdfunding period, before being marketed at $ 899.

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