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the park will open with a Mario Kart attraction in augmented reality


Universal Studios will be opening a large Nintendo theme park in Japan. Mario Kart will have the right to its own attraction, and it will take place in augmented reality.

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This is a long-term project, announced in 2015 by the signing of a partnership between Nintendo and Universal Studios: the creation of a large amusement park in Japan dedicated to the world of the video game giant, and in particular to his mascot, Mario. As always, the year 2020 has passed by and postponed the projects of the two companies, but they can now say that the park will open its doors on February 4, 2021 in Osaka, Japan.

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Mario Kart will be lived on rails, but in augmented reality

Disney has its Space Mountain, Nintendo will obviously have its Mario Kart. Fans of the game can be reassured right away that falling off a rainbow track is out of the question, but you may well throw green, red, or blue shells at your opponents. All this will be done virtually thanks to an augmented reality system.

The Bloomberg media was able to preview the attraction, and explains that it is indeed a roller coaster attraction, on rail therefore, embellished with elements of Mario Kart in augmented reality such as the possibility of moving a flying and using objects. Each route of the attraction could therefore be unique since it will be necessary to use these elements to try to succeed in finishing the race first, before its competitors.

The use of augmented reality with Mario Kart is not a first. Nintendo released at the end of the year a very special game for the Nintendo Switch called Mario Kart Live Home Circuit. He offers to play Mario Kart in your living room in a pretty smart way.

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The opening of Nintendo World Park is particularly anticipated in the amusement park industry which has been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.


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