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The pack of 2 Google WiFi routers is sold off on Amazon

If you often experience Wi-Fi issues at home, chances are Google routers will solve your problem. The pack of 2 is now heavily promoted on Amazon and goes from 249 to only 149 euros.

Google WiFi has been replaced by a new product from the Nest range, but it is still today a very practical object to improve and extend the Wi-Fi coverage of your home, which is more economical thanks to this reduction of 100 euros on the pack of 2.

In short

  • A simple and efficient WiFi solution
  • Coverage of around 80 m² per router
  • A complete application with parental controls
  • Up to 1 Gbit / s throughput if you have fiber at home

Instead of 249 euros, the set of 2 Google WiFi routers is currently available at 149 euros on Amazon. This comes down to a unit price of only 75 euros.

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Google Wifi

Google Wifi

If you can’t get everywhere in your home, or if the speed is unstable, you will need a decent router / repeater to improve it. This is where Google WiFi comes in!

This small, discreet and elegant box improves the coverage and performance of your Wi-Fi. Once connected to your internet box, the wireless network spreads more widely than a conventional router, estimated at around 80 m² per router, so up to 160 m² with this pack. It is simply the assurance of capturing anywhere inside your house / apartment.

It also supports all network standards (except Wi-Fi 6) and can thus retransmit almost all of your Internet speed, even if you are using fiber at 1 Gb / s. Your connection will be stable and uninterrupted, which is ideal for improving your ping on an online video game if the PC is located far enough from the Internet box, for example.

Easy to install from the dedicated application (available on iOS and Android), Google WiFi is also easy to use on a daily basis. Once your different devices have been identified (smartphones, tablets, pc, etc.), you can optimize performance by performing speed tests from different places and thus modify the location of the Google WiFi accordingly to always and even more improve the coverage. .

You can also set up parental controls to limit Internet access to a specific device and from a specific time, an ideal feature to prevent your child from staying up until very late on social networks, or other

To find out even more, do not hesitate to read our Google WiFi test.

For further

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