Monday, January 25

the output of the connected bracelet will be “soon”

OnePlus begins to officially communicate on its future connected bracelet, the OnePlus Band, and announces a release soon.

We have known for a few days that in addition to its watch, OnePlus would work on a connected bracelet dedicated to sports use. However, if it was rumors so far, the Chinese manufacturer has given some indications about it.

This Monday, the Indian Twitter account of OnePlus indeed published a message about sports activity: “This year, we’re here to help you achieve your athletic goals and simplify your life”. Importantly, the tweet is accompanied by an image with the caption: “The new face of fitness is coming soon”.

In the image, we can also see the silhouette of what seems to be the OnePlus Band, the brand’s first connected bracelet. The OnePlus logo thus stands out particularly on the bottom of the screen and we can guess the outline of the silicone strap.

The sleep analysis put forward by the manufacturer

According to information from the Stufflistings account on YouTube, the OnePlus Band should be equipped with a 1.1-inch Amoled screen displaying 126 x 294 pixels, a 100 mAh battery providing two weeks of autonomy, a heart rate monitor for measure pulse and analyze SpO2. For its part, the leaker if Ishan Agarwal indicated that the bracelet would be IP68 certified, that it should offer 13 sports training modes as well as a sleep analysis.

For its part, OnePlus has already communicated on a sleep monitoring with another message on Twitter. “Tracking your sleep is important. How? ‘Or’ What ? We take care of everything“, Thus indicated the Indian Twitter account of the mark.

The OnePlus Band connected bracelet is expected to be launched in India first. It could be presented there from January 11. For now, it is not yet known whether it will be marketed in other countries and in particular in France.

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