Tuesday, April 13

The Nuki lock is enriched with a finally rechargeable battery

To improve its Smart Lock connected locks, Nuki adds the possibility of swapping its batteries for a rechargeable battery. A gain in autonomy and a gesture for the planet.

Nuki's smart lock

Nuki’s smart lock // Gamesdone: Nuki

The tragedy of some smart locks is usually the massive use of batteries they require. Admittedly, their lifespan often extends over several months. But it is usually when changing them that we run out of stock.

The Nuki brand has found the solution: a rechargeable battery that will take the place of the battery pack. And as a bonus, this Power Pack extends the maximum battery life which now reaches the year. A gesture for the planet and for your comfort.

Gain in autonomy

The Power Pack works with Nuki Smart Lock 1.0 and 2.0. It installs easily in seconds. The connected lock continues to operate normally and the opening motor does not lose its power to turn the key and unlock your door.

The Power Pack for Nuki smart lock

The Power Pack for Nuki connected lock // Gamesdone: Nuki

From the Nuki mobile application, you will have the real-time charge level of the Power Pack. And a notification will warn you as soon as the autonomy falls below 20%. It then takes about ten hours for the Power Pack to regain 100% of its capacity. A little long time where it will nevertheless be necessary to think about reconnecting with the batteries or opting for a recharge at night while the door is locked.

If you have a long enough USB-C cable and a charger available (not supplied), you can charge the Power Pack while leaving it in the lock.

The Power Pack is sold for 49 euros on the boutique Nuki.

The Power Pack snaps into place in a snap

The Power Pack clicks into place in a snap // Gamesdone: Nuki

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