Saturday, June 19

The Nintendo Switch calculator app sums up everything that’s wrong with the eShop

Why, for the love of Goombas, is there a Calculator app on the Nintendo Switch eShop that costs $10 / £8? A calculator app that is no different to the free one you’ll find on your phone or computer, but one that’s now available on Nintendo’s console for an inexplicable price. It just doesn’t add up.

The Nintendo Switch eShop has already become a frustrating experience for users. It may be a gateway to countless excellent indie games – as well as inventive Nintendo Switch Online titles like Tetris 99 – but it’s become a hot mess over the years due to Nintendo’s lax stewardship. The Calculator app (game?) is all the proof one could need that the bar is so low, that as long as a game works, it’ll be allowed to slither onto the eShop, even if it stinks up the joint in the process.

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