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The next Pixel could have a fingerprint sensor under the screen

There is now a high probability that the next iteration of the Pixel will have a fingerprint sensor under the screen. If this were to be confirmed, Google would thus catch up on the accumulated delay on this subject.

The fingerprint sensor on the back of the Pixel 5

The fingerprint sensor on the back of the Pixel 5. // Gamesdone: Arnaud Gelineau for Frandroid

The Android 12 developer preview number 2 (DP2), unveiled this Wednesday, March 17, is a second preview of the future Android 12 OS, reserved for developers. One of them, kdrag0n on Twitter, believes he spotted the signs of a future fingerprint sensor under the screen.

To do this, the developer inspected the code of the future OS of Google smartphones. There he found a new class, a very common tool for developers, within the SystemUIGoogle app, the application that manages the user interface. The name of this class is « UdfpsControllerGoogle ». Developer thinks Udfps means « Under-display fingerprint scanner », which means in French: “Fingerprint sensor under the screen”.

Already hints during the DP1

There are also good reasons to believe that the claim is serious. Already because during the first Developer Preview (DP1) in February, it had already been spotted classes that referred to a fingerprint sensor under the screen. At the time, many developers were cautious, as it could just as easily be a generic feature for the open source version of Android.

There, the situation is a little different. According to our colleagues at XDA Developers, based on the DP2, a small subtlety would change the situation. The piece of code spotted would be linked more to the Google system than to the Android one. This would be a strong clue in favor of a Pixel with a fingerprint sensor under the screen.

The absence of such a sensor had also surprised us during the Pixel 5 test, which shows that Google is probably a little behind in this area.

As regards the specificities of said sensor, and in particular whether it will be optical or ultrasonic, it will be necessary to wait a little longer to be fixed.

Such a revelation a little in advance via the Android code would not be a first: wireless charging, which had made a comeback on the Pixel 3, had already been spotted via the analysis of the code of a future version of the OS.

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