Tuesday, October 20

The new Ikea store in Valladolid is on the street I am missing a screw

Ikea has provoked laughter from Twitter users after a user commented on the latest initiative of the Swedish company. “Google Ikea Valladolid, you will not regret it.” Go Google IKEA Valladolid and see which street it is on, you will not regret it. – ⸙cuchu⸙ (@lasuspiritos) September 23, 2020 This message from a Twitter user has gone viral on social networks and is that the latest initiative of Ikea in Spain has managed to get the smile of many. Many users are recommending the search, so if you want to discover the surprise for yourself, do not read on until you discover what the ingenious idea of ​​the Swedish store has been that has used the neighbors from around to choose the name of the street where your new department store is located. The location of the store in the Arroyo de la encomienda town, in Valladolid, is none other than the street ‘I need a screw’, which has caused laughter among users of the social network. Read more: You have closed cereal boxes the wrong way your whole life and this video that went viral on TikTok proves it This name is not pure coincidence. According to some users, before Ikea opened this store, it launched a survey on its Facebook page where it encouraged residents of the town to choose the name of the street where it would be located. Among the options to choose were ‘I need a screw’, ‘Like at home, nothing’ and ‘Hug street on the sofa’. Users will end up opting for the first, as can already be seen in Google Maps. This article was published in Business Insider Spain by Andrea Gómez Bobillo.


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