Wednesday, October 21

The new Google Assistant wants to accompany you in the car and access your health applications

The Google Assistant prepares new implementations that accommodate functions in different areas, from health issues to your driving. Google knows that its assistant is the gateway for many users. He is asked questions or given orders, it is also used as a path to devices and is the first thing that some people interact with on their mobile. That is why it needs continuous updates and its work areas are expanding. The specialists at XDA Developers have analyzed version of this application, which has just been released for Pixel 4, Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5, and they have found some of the aspects that we are going to comment on, as well as indications about new ones in the code. Now Google Assistant will incorporate the Driving Mode that will be used to replace Android Auto in the future, although it still has a long way to go. This option is in full development and it still does not work as well as it should with basic applications such as Google Maps. Security is a vital aspect when it comes to speakers that listen to what we speak at home. Which smart speaker is more secure? Let’s check it … The dictation function continues to advance and already has its own microphone button to tell the mobile the text that we want it to write exactly or where to send it. Although it seems very useful, you still have a learning path to understand all the nuances of speech and combine dictation with commands so that you do not need to touch the device. Here’s a quick demo of the new Google Assistant’s integrated keyboard dictation feature on the Google Pixel 4. This feature will probably roll out with the next Pixel Feature Drop, but that’s just my guess. – Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) October 1, 2020 These kinds of voice commands and dictations are especially useful for smart speakers as well and it should be remembered that most Google applications continue to advance in that area , from Google Maps to Google Translate. But one of the most striking aspects about this new version of the assistant is in the intention of connecting it with health applications that already exist, such as Fitbit. In XDA Developers they have found data in the code that indicates this and their interest, for example, in the dream data. The objective, of course, is that you can consult the Google tool for information about your health, but also ask for advice, ways to improve your condition or that it can send you notifications if it detects anomalies. A good number of bonuses that we do not know if they will appeal to everyone.

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