Tuesday, January 26

The new Gmail logo is official: now it integrates Google colors

Google has officially unveiled the new Gmail logo. The email service will now be identified with a letter M traced in the different Google corporate colors. In recent months, Google has been updating the logos of its different services. The objective of the Mountain View company is none other than to offer a more homogeneous design that helps users identify their tools at a glance. So far, the Big G had already adapted the logo of practically all its most popular services, including those of Google Maps, Google Meet, Google Photos or Google Calendar. Now it is the turn of Gmail, which retained its traditional logo: a bank envelope with a red letter M. As you can see in the header image and in the video that we have left below these lines, the new Gmail logo maintains the essence of the previous one but with a more corporate touch: the envelope is no longer there, the letter M has been modified and now the light red color of Gmail is combined with the shades of Google (red, yellow, blue and green). We had already seen a preview of this redesign a few days ago, but at the moment we had not been able to see the new color palette, which is one of the most important changes that the logo has undergone. Thanks to this redesign, now the Gmail logo is visually related much better with the rest of Google services, as you can see a little further down in the image. The Great G has presented this change along with the announcement of Google Workspace, the new space that integrates Gmail, Google Docs and Google Meet, and that comes to replace G Suite. With this move, the Mountain Viewers aim to offer freelancers and businesses an integrated and easy-to-use workspace to stand up to Microsoft Office. The new Google Workspace offers different plans with prices starting at 4.68 euros per month and all of them include Gmail, Drive, Meet, Calendar, Chat, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Keep, Sites, Forms and Currents.

[Vía: The Verge]computerhoy.com

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