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The new era of digital insurance – Auction your Insurance

Recent times have resulted in a time of technological development: new devices, development of new technologies, applications, platforms … This development has not only occurred in the technology sector itself; more conventional sectors have looked for ways to renew themselves and enter this digital age.

For this reason, what was unimaginable a few years ago is now possible to find. This is the case, for example, of second-hand trading platforms such as Wallapop. Being able to see, and take advantage of, an offer of a bicycle at more than half the price in Galicia while you were in Madrid seemed impossible a few years ago.

The evolution of online insurance

Almost all of us have had to look for insurance at some time, be it car insurance, home insurance, or even a insurance for electric scooters.

Insurance companies, to facilitate the contracting and search of insurance for their clients, have web pages. From these digital insurance platforms, users can see the details and coverage of each insurance offered by the company, and even contract online.

In addition, there are also online insurance comparison platforms, such as Tracker O Unipoliza, who are responsible for comparing the insurance offered by different companies to offer customers the best offer.

Now, it seems that the insurance industry is going one step further with the creation of – a platform where your insurance is auctioned. – the new form of digital insurance

Reading the word “auction” may throw you back a bit, but fear not. The aim of this new platform is to put clients and mediators or insurance companies in contact in the same place. What does this mean? That you will only deal with professionals in the insurance sector, ensuring that your data will remain private and protected.

Then, how does it work? In summary, you as a client will register on the platform. Once registered, you will have at your disposal several forms in which you can enter your information about different types of insurance: home insurance, car insurance, life insurance, van, truck, etc.

Once the form has been sent and the data has been reviewed by the platform administrators, the auction corresponding to your insurance will be created. From there, all mediators and insurance companies that have registered on the platform can start bidding to offer you the cheapest price for your insurance with the data you have specified.

You can set a maximum period for the bid to end; Thus, when said period ends, the winning offer will be sent to you, and you will decide whether to contract it or not, without any commitment. is a new model in the insurance sector, never seen before.

If you are interested, you can learn more about the operation of the platform and register from the ‘How it works’ page of

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