Friday, October 30

The new bleach-free disinfectant for clothes sweeps Mercadona

If you want to keep your garments free of bacteria and bad odors, pay attention to the new product that Mercadona has launched: it is the Bosque Verde clothing disinfectant, which sanitizes fabrics without using bleach or washing at high temperatures. The global health crisis has forced us to acquire new routines to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Thus, apart from using the mask and washing our hands frequently, another of the routine practices that we all do today is to disinfect both spaces and objects. Brands take into account all these new needs that have arisen due to the pandemic to offer us solutions that make it a little easier for us. To make it easier for us to disinfect our home and objects, Mercadona launched a few months ago perfumed alcohol spray, a very practical product that allows any surface to be sanitized in a single pass and leaves a pleasant smell. Now, the Valencian supermarket chain has put on sale another product aimed at simplifying sanitation, but in this case of clothing. It is the Bosque Verde fabric disinfectant, aimed at eliminating bacteria and bad odors from your clothes. This product allows you to disinfect clothes in a simple and comfortable way. It does not contain bleach, so you can use it on white and colored garments. In addition, thanks to it it is not necessary to put washing machines at high temperature, something that fabrics will appreciate. Using Mercadona’s textile disinfectant is very easy. Put the clothes in the washing machine and add the detergent to the drawer normally. Next, put three caps of disinfectant liquid into the fabric softener drawer, and then run the washer on the regular wash cycle. To avoid infections through the eyes, nose or mouth, it is advisable to apply a deep cleaning treatment to maintain a good level of hygiene on your smartphone. This is how you do it. By following this process, you will eliminate 99.9% of bacteria from clothes and the washing machine, as well as bad odors, and all your laundry will be left with a pleasant perfume. Bosque Verde disinfectant liquid for clothes has been very well received by consumers. According to Mercadona, 16,000 liters of this product are sold every day, which makes its success clear. It costs 2 euros and you can find it both in physical supermarkets and in the online store.

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