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The Netatmo connected weather station is currently 30% off on Amazon

Contrary to appearances, owning a weather station at home can be of great service to everyday life. Having access to outside and inside temperatures, measuring the humidity level, being warned when it is necessary to ventilate your home … This connected object has a host of advantages. If you want to try the experiment, the Netatmo model sees its price drop from 169 euros to 118.99 euros on Amazon.

In terms of connected weather station, Netatmo is among the best references thanks to its model packed with sensors and very helpful on a daily basis. This can provide you with a large amount of data to better understand your outside environment, and even inside. And the time is right to equip yourself without breaking the bank too much since the Netatmo model benefits from a 30% reduction.

The Netatmo weather station at a glance

  • Precise sensors to analyze lots of data
  • An easy-to-use application
  • Compatible with Alexa and HomeKit

First offered at 169 euros, the Netatmo weather station is currently available at 118.99 euros on Amazon.

To find out about the Netatmo weather station 👇

For its weather station, Netatmo has bet on a rather elegant silver design with cylindrical formats without fuss. Very discreet, the two modules will be forgotten. The one that will need to be placed outside now has a waterproof treatment, which should save you the stress of rain damage. To operate the station, all you need to do is install the free application, available on iOS and Android. Connect it to your WiFi, and voila: you can have access to a whole bunch of weather data, but not only.

Equipped with multiple sensors, the station will be able to analyze a large amount of data. Thus, the outdoor module will be able to measure, in real time, the temperature, the humidity rate, the atmospheric pressure or the air quality. Knowing the real outdoor pollution index will always be useful, and this station will allow it. The module that will have to be installed indoors will be able to measure the interior temperature of your home, the humidity level, the air quality or even the CO2 concentration. The latter sensor is particularly practical for being warned when room ventilation becomes necessary. Otherwise, a sound level meter will also be on hand to find out the sound level in your home.

To have access to all the information collected, you will therefore have to go to the dedicated application, which can be installed on your smartphone, tablet or even your computer, to have everything in front of you at any time. Add to this the compatibility with Alexa and Apple HomeKit, useful for accessing a particular info only through voice. A good time saver, in short.

To compare the Netatmo weather station

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