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the Nest Mini with a garland and a plug connected to -45%

The Nest mini is not to be presented, this small speaker with the integrated Google Voice Assistant is a reference. For Christmas, here it comes with a connected plug that will transform the Christmas garland that accompanies it into a connected model! For 49.99 euros at Fnac, the notion of magic becomes more and more tangible!

The Nest mini is a very successful connected speaker. An ideal front door to enter the connected home. It is delivered here in a pack with a connected plug and a Christmas garland. As a result, you can turn the Christmas tree on or off with the simple tone of your voice. Other ideas will surely come to you later. A pack which at the approach of the holidays benefits from a promotion of -44% at Fnac !

In short

  • An original pack that sticks to the period
  • An ideal front door to start your connected home
  • The Nest mini is a pretty and efficient speaker

No more need to introduce the Nest mini, which was praised by the editorial staff. A speaker with the integrated Google Assistant, very compact and which is here accompanied by a connected plug and a Christmas garland. This Nest mini Christmas Pack is available temporarily at 49.99 euros at Fnac.

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The whole point of this pack lies in its composition. A Nest Mini connected speaker that has already proven itself. It is compact, rather pretty with its round shape and its dress in gray fabrics. The sound reproduction is honorable and its microphone perfectly captures your voice. The Google Assistant will then take over and answer all your questions and open the way to the connected home.

Still, to take advantage of the latter, you must have connected objects and understand the use of voice in their use. Precisely, the clever idea of ​​this pack is to add a connected plug that will be able to activate the device that will be connected to it by voice. Here, Google has thought of a Christmas garland for its tree or why not frame a window with it? It may then be used to decorate your little one’s room, serve as a nightlight that you can turn off without having to go into his room. Once you have your foot in the world of the connected home, don’t worry, the rest will come by itself and you will be the first to be surprised.

Do not hesitate to consult our detailed test of the Nest mini (alone) to learn more.

Black Friday – Black Week: all you need to know

Let’s be honest: Black Friday dates are pretty confusing this year. Originally scheduled for November 27 and usually preceded by Black Week, it spans a wider period this year. Each e-merchant and brands communicate about the event in their own way, but come together on activations of joint offers during dates agreed in advance: it is these that we consider to be the Black Friday offers. Also note that some merchants may postpone offers on Cyber ​​Monday week.

Throughout the period, the Frandroid team will select the best good deals available through different selections:

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Good plans in detail

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