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the motorized outdoor camera that secures, illuminates and alerts

Thomson and its camera brand Avidsen have unveiled the Rheita 100. A new motorized outdoor camera that offers both monitoring of your exteriors, lighting and triggering an alert in the event of an intrusion.

The Rheita 100 offers a surveillance camera, dual lighting and a siren

The Rheita 100 offers a surveillance camera, dual lighting and a siren // Gamesdone: Thomson / Avidsen

She wants to do everything. The Rheita 100 was unveiled by Thomson and Avidsen, and it has more than one trick up its sleeve.

Outdoor camera to be positioned on your facade, it can replace lighting by adding the security of its surveillance camera, but also a siren to alert in the event of an intrusion.

Intelligent and comprehensive video surveillance

The Rheita 100 promises ease of use. It can thus take the place of a prior installation by being compatible with 230 V electrical wiring. Simply attach it to the existing connections to replace your outdoor lamp with the Full HD 1080p surveillance camera.

The Thomson Rheita 100 is prepared for outdoors and inclement weather with an IP65 certification and additional foams to be attached to reinforce the waterproofness. It has a high thermal tolerance to respond present in all situations, from -20 ° C to 60 ° C.

The motorized camera module of the Rheita 100

The motorized camera module of the Rheita 100 // Gamesdone: Thomson / Avidsen

Its slender shape is well designed to blend in with any decor. It consists of three parts. The camera, surrounded by infrared LED sensors to also see at night, is located on the lower part. It is motorized to add to its initial viewing angle of 75 ° a possible rotation of 270 ° horizontally. You can manually decide its vertical orientation. This part also offers small lamps for mood down lighting (ideal if you are near your door to find the lock with your keys).

In the center, we find all the electronic part, but also the motion sensor, which will trigger the recording, and the lighting, which occupies the entire upper part. On the back of the camera is positioned the rather noisy and dissuasive siren.

The Rheita 100 also has two-way microphones to be able to interact with the visitor while enjoying clear sound.

The Thomson Rheita 100 outdoor surveillance camera is also lighting

The Thomson Rheita 100 outdoor surveillance camera is also lighting

Little thoughtful find, on the rotating part of the product, you can access the SD card slot which is securely locked and not within reach of the first burglar. Because Thomson has opted for local storage of recordings. Nothing goes to the cloud or requires a subscription to enjoy its videos. You can activate the video feed at any time from the app to check that all is well with you.

An auto-tracking mode to follow the intruder in your garden

Several operating modes are available: motion detection, silhouette detection and auto-tracking, a new function that consists of following and recording an intruder as long as possible as soon as it is detected. You can define notification time slots for all these functions (activating the camera from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. in your absence, for example) or as soon as the detection is made.

Likewise, recording can be programmed to start as soon as movement is detected or a silhouette seen in the field of the camera, for continuous monitoring 24 hours a day or according to determined time slots.

The Thomson app to control the Rheita 100 camera

The Thomson application to control the Rheita 100 camera // Gamesdone: Thomson / Avidsen

It is also possible, from the Thomson At Home Security application, to automate the lighting only, for each movement detected, from dusk to sunrise, from 8 p.m. to midnight or on weekends in your absence. .

The camera-lamp from the French company Avidsen can be used as lighting without triggering the siren or the recording. You can choose to trigger it automatically or manually, with the light flash or not. All this can be adjusted from the app, just like the default light intensity.

The Rheita 100 camera can see up to 25m of it, day or night, thanks to its wide field of view and infrared LEDs (but in black and white). For silhouette detection, it is restricted to around ten meters. For the live stream, you will have an image up to 20m.

Price and availability of the Rheita 100

The Thomson Rheita 100 outdoor camera is already available from partner retailers at 199 euros.

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