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the motorized lock which also detects intrusion attempts


Somfy has unveiled a motor for a connected lock. A fairly classic system in operation, but which is enriched with a detector to alert in the event of an attempted intrusion into your home.

Door Keeper lock motorization

Door Keeper lock motorization // Gamesdone: Somfy

Strengthening the security of your front door is becoming essential and the connected lock market has become very popular recently, with simpler and more accessible solutions.

Somfy, a specialist in the security of home doors, has announced the arrival of Door Keeper, a connected motor for home locks.

A “silent” device with usual functions

The device can be installed on almost all doors and locks on the market, inside the home. On the outside, the door keeps a classic look with its lock that can accommodate the usual key. Its design is quite classic with a gray rotary knob on a base to be fixed over your lock.

You can check the compatibility of your installation on the product site.

The integrated motor is powerful enough to unlock the lock in less than three seconds, “while remaining silent,” promises Somfy. Connected lock doing so, it is also possible to manage access via a badge, a smartphone, a bracelet or a reader with code keypad to be installed nearby. The Somfy Keys application will be able to generate permanent or temporary access codes for visitors (family, relatives, delivery people, employees, tenants, etc.).

An integrated intrusion detector

But Door Keeper provides another function to strengthen security and reassure residents: the detection of attempted break-ins. Incorporating the same IntelliTAG technology as Somfy alarm systems, the lock continuously monitors the lock and can alert in the event of a suspicious vibration caused by a person trying to force access. And the user will then receive a notification to report an intrusion attempt.

Door Keeper can also be opened with a temporary or permanent code

Door Keeper can also be opened using a temporary or permanent code // Gamesdone: Somfy

If your lock is linked to an alarm as part of a smart home scenario, the alarm may go off to deter potential burglars. Door Keeper is obviously integrated with the Somfy TaHoma box and with the entire ecosystem of products (alarms, roller shutters, gate or garage motorization, etc.) also via the application, as well as with other partner systems. The smart lock is also compatible with Amazon Alexa voice assistants, Google Assistant and now Siri via Apple HomeKit.

And if you are worried that you left your home without closing the house, the mode Leave’n’Lock offers a smart lock the moment the device detects that you have left your home.

Door Keeper has a removable battery with an advertised battery life of 12 months. It charges in USB-C and will be available in black or white.

No price or availability date have been communicated for the moment.

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