Tuesday, May 18

The millions spent by the Epic Games Store, Tesla insurance and Nvidia ads

Did you miss the news yesterday? The Tech’spresso of the day allows you to catch up with the essentials of Monday, April 12, 2021: the huge expenses of the Epic Games Store, Tesla insurance and Nvidia announcements. To not miss the news, you can subscribe to the Frandroid newsletter.

The Epic Games Store is spending lavishly

In order to overshadow the Steam giant, the Epic Games Store spends a lot of money, to the point of losing hundreds of millions of dollars in order to boost its platform. These data were revealed during the trial between the developer of Fortnite and Apple, each party trying to find as much information as possible to feed its arguments.

Tesla: an insurance price that varies according to your driving

The very specific data collected by Tesla on the drivers of its vehicles suggests that insurance whose price would change depending on the quality of driving could emerge.

Nvidia makes several announcements

Nvidia is teaming up with MediaTek to design ARM chips using the RTX 30 GPU. That’s not all, the giant with the green logo warns that there will be no RTX 4000 before 2022. By the way, we also learn that the GeForce Now online service has passed the 10 million subscriber threshold.

As a bonus, our video on Tim Cook

Yesterday we released a new video and it’s about Tim Cook, the boss of Apple.

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